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Amavel Murty
Medical Officer

Health Centre:

The roulette live mobile Health Centre is a primary medical care unit on the roulette live mobile campus for the benefit of students and staff and their family members. It provides preventive, curative and promotive services at primary level. The facilities include:

  • Outpatient examination and treatment
  • Medical emergencies and first aid
  • Medical certificates for various needs like hostel admission, driving license, sickness & fitness, etc.
  • Medical facilities needed during roulette live mobile sports events
  • Health education and patient counselling
  • Medical Camps and Information, Education, Communication activities from time to time

The Health Centre is also been recognized as DOTS (directly observed treatment short-course) centre for the eradication of the Tuberculosis from India. Patients with Tuberculosis from neighbouring villages of the campus visit the Centre for their on- going treatment.

The Health Centre also maintains a co-ordination with Directorate of Health Services, Goa Medical College and Indian Medical Association for various health programs.

Consultation Hours: 9:30 am to 5:45 pm on all working days

Health care units around the roulette live mobile campus There are good number of hospitals around the roulette live mobile campus with specialists and one can reach to these in short time during emergencies:

Nearby Health Care Units

Health care units Google maps distance Google time by automobile
Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim (24 hrs) 3.4 kms 6 minutes
Manipal Hospitals, Dona Paula (24 hrs) 3.4 kms 5 minutes
Goa Dental College and Hospital, Bambolim (24 hrs) 3.4 kms 5 minutes
Kaisare Eye & Dental Hospital, Jairam Complex, Nevgi Nagar, Panaji (Phone: 0832 242 4517) 7 kms 15 minutes
Radiance Diagnostics, Opp. Cidade De Goa, Dona Paula (Mon-Fri; 8am to 7pm. Phone: 0832 245 2455) 3.5 kms 5 minutes


Goa Medical College Hospital and Manipal Hospital have pharmacy units located in the main buildings running round the clock.

Ambulance services:

108 Emergency Response Service (Free service). Ambulance takes to the nearest Government care unit. This service stations well-equipped ambulance at the campus behind the Health Centre along with a female paramedic. Besides, 'Bike ambulance', also called the First Responder ambulance with a male paramedic and emergency technician is available during the daytime. Dial 108
Manipal Ambulance Service Emergency : 8888702222; 09001333444 Phone : 0832-300 2500