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Archival Policy

There are three types of content: To be (a) retained for ever, (b) maintained off-line and (c) purged. The content for the website is normally received from the respective academic and administrative units that are governed by the document retention policy. This Archival policy therefore takes in consideration unnecessary duplication of records. Content on the website is grouped depending on their importance.

Information that is purged after its utility

  • Notifications
  • Announcements
  • Circulars

Outdated information remains archived as a part of the following databases and current information appears on display

  • MoUs
  • PhD Students
  • Research Projects
  • roulette live mobile Supported Events
  • roulette live mobile roulette live mobile

Only updates maintained

  • General: About the roulette live mobile, Vision, Mission and Citizen's Charter, Leadership, roulette live mobile Bodies and Directorates, roulette live mobile Documents (Act, Statutes, Ordinances),
  • Academic: Programmes, Continuing Education Programmes, Departments and Schools, Affiliated Colleges and Recognized institutions, General information
  • Systems: Division of responsibilities in the supporting units, and student support activities in these units and special support to the special category groups
  • Facilities: That are currently available to the students, staff and other stake holders from facilitating units
  • Contacts and Phone & e-mail directory

On display for ever

  • Annual Reports
  • Faculty Awards
  • Patents
  • Publications Repository
  • Endowments

Content Authenticity, Accuracy and Currency

The website content is maintained by the Web Information Manager (WIM). The responsibility and workflow is as follows:

The WIM receives the content from the officials working in concerned academic entities such as centres/departments/schools and administrative sections. Depending on the type of the content, it is added to the respective web pages on the website. If it is a revision of existing content, the webpage is revised with the new content. If the content is not matching to any of the existing webpages, a quick decision is taken after consulting the authorities in the Directorate of Internal Quality Assurance and added to the website after creating new item in the menu.

The ephemeral content displayed on the home page (such as, the one on the slide show - the photographs of the events, new publications, etc; on the slider - the upcoming events; in the pockets - vacancy announcements, admission and result notices; notifications of miscellaneous nature; the news items linking from GU roulette live mobile box; the hover links that attract attention of the readers to a particular item) is added for a per-defined period after which the same automatically programmed to removed from the website. The content such as events, announcements, etc., is dated to the last date of event, closure dates on announcement.

See also: Content Review Policy

Content Review Policy

All efforts are made to keep the website most up to date. If the Web Information Manager (WIM) gets to know about the changes in the university system, he is encouraged to contact concerned and appraise self about the changes to reflect on the website. WIM also brings to the notice of the authorities to keep him updated with the information so that the website of the roulette live mobile is true mirror of the university activities. The WIM visits website pages once in a while to compare and check if the data needs an updation (for example, on revision of the Prospectus). The profiles of the individual faculty and the officers in the administrative sections are updated based on the inputs provided by the individuals and/or the administrative authorities. The research publications of the roulette live mobile faculty are tracked using alerts from search engines and the information about the same is updated in the repository on a daily basis.

Copyright and Hyperlinking Policy

  • Copyright: Material from this site may be reproduced free of charge on any media without permission, subject to accuracy, not in a derogatory manner and without mutilation or misleading the context, acknowledging the source. However, please note that the links to or reproduction of external content from this website is out of jurisdiction of this copyright policy.
  • Hyperlinking: We welcome linking to the content hosted on the website without prior permission. However, loading content into frames elsewhere is not permitted. Linked pages must open onto a new tab or window of the user's browser.

Privacy Policy

As a general rule, this website does not collect personal information of visitors, unless you choose to provide it in the forms for specific purpose. In case of doubt, please contact us with details.

Site Visit Data

This website records visitors and logs the following information for statistical purposes:

  • Visitor's server address
  • Top-level domain name (example .gov, .com, .in, etc.)
  • Type of browser
  • Date and time of visit
  • The content browsed and downloaded, and
  • The link that directed the visitor to this website

However, visitors and/or their browsing activities will be identified, if law enforcement agencies warrant the service provider's logs.

Website security

Anyone accessing roulette live mobile website is advised that if there is evidence of possible abuse or criminal activity, the results of this monitoring shall be made available to the appropriate officials for possible prosecution.


This website does not use cookies.

Email Management

By sending an electronic mail message (e-mail), you may be sending personal information. In these cases, the recipient of the mail may retain/ print the information not only to respond to your request, but also as a record of correspondence. It is always likely that your mail is forwarded to another individual within or outside roulette live mobile for participation in the discussion on the subject or possible actions, etc. While the content of the messages are not maintained centrally, the log of incoming and outgoing mails is maintained.

Website Security Policy

The roulette live mobile website contains information which is freely accessible, and may be viewed by any visitor. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information are strictly prohibited, and may be punishable under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

User ID and Password Policy

All registered users who are granted security access will be identified by a user name provided by webmaster. Users who are granted password access to restricted information are prohibited from sharing those passwords with or divulging those passwords to any third parties. User will notify HoCC ([email protected]) immediately in the event a User ID or password is lost or stolen or if User believes that a non-authorized individual has discovered the User ID or password.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Website Security Policy, please contact the Web Information Manager by using the 'Get in Touch' option available on Contact us page of the website.