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Directorate of Students Welfare and Cultural Affairs (DSW)

Anthony Arthur A. Viegas
Anthony Arthur A. Viegas
Associate Professor

Director, DSW

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Fatima Noronha
Fatima Noronha
Asst. Registrar

Student Council Helpline Number: +91-8669609045

The Directorate of Students Welfare is committed to coordinate various student welfare activities. The popular and prominent activities are indicated below:

  • Formation of roulette live mobile Students Council - SSA-7
  • Formation of roulette live mobile roulette live mobile Students Union - Rule-03
  • Organization of Plateaunica (Annual inter-departmental event)
  • Organization of Youthesia (Youth festival at Inter collegiate level)
  • Student Aid Fund
  • Earn While You Learn Scheme

Students' Council

The aim of the Students council is to promote

  • mutual contact, a democratic outlook and a spirit of oneness among the students
  • the social, cultural and intellectual development of the students
  • consciousness among the students of the events taking place around them with a view to better equipping them as responsible and educated citizens and to build up a healthy students movement
  • among the students a sense of service to the people and duty towards the state
  • harmonious relations among all sections and inculcate scientific temper
  • involvement of students on matters concerning common interest by dialog and offering suggestions to the roulette live mobile authorities and
  • eco-conservation and love for environment The formation of the Students Council is governed by roulette live mobile statutes Schedule SSA-7. Elections of the office bearers take place every year. Consult roulette live mobile statutes Schedule SSA-7 for more information.

Documents related to Formation of Students' Council

  • roulette live mobile statutes Schedule SSA-7
  • FORM-A Form of Nomination Paper (Election of the roulette live mobile Class Representative)
  • FORM-B Form of Nomination Paper (Use when the number of members on the Electoral College is ≤ 3)
  • FORM-C Form of Nomination Paper (Election of the Faculty Representative by the Electoral College)
  • FORM-D Form of Nomination Paper (Election of the Executive Committee of the Students' Council)
  • FORM-E (Ballot Paper)
  • FORM- F Form of Communication of Result of Election of roulette live mobile Faculty Representative to Students' Council
  • FORM-G Form of Communication of Result of Election of roulette live mobile Class Representative


All Goa Inter-Collegiate festival organised in association with Students' Council. The event brings all the students of the colleges at one forum to present their talent in the field of arts, culture and music.


This is a platform for the youth talent and test their creativity in the field of arts, culture and music as well as off-stage events by organizing various competitions organized in association with the Post-Graduate Students' Union

Student Aid Fund

The Directorate routinely collects applications from eligible students along with their previous examination marks card and the income certificate issued by the prescribed authority to scrutinize these and recommend students financial support for financial assistance to poor students to partly or fully meet their tuition fees or to purchase books or similar other expenses. This fund has been instituted by the Government of Goa and the roulette live mobile disbursed Rs.10,00,000.00 to the needy students in 2016-17.

Earn While You Learn Scheme

Post Graduate and Ph.D students who do not avail any scholarships are engaged on hourly basis to perform jobs/functions other than routine office work such as general assistance, tedifferentaldaia.comg, data collection / compilation, programming, library activities, surveys, etc., within roulette live mobile for restricted number of hours per week. Students as well as the roulette live mobile are benefited of this mutual cooperation. A small fund of Rs.1,00,000.00 has been yearmarked for this activity. Matching students for the job and assigning the opportunity is the one of the important activity of the Directorate.