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Annual Reports


Annual Report Cover page

roulette live mobile has maintained a trajectory of steady and sustained growth since its inception in 1985. The roulette live mobile’s growth has been stupendous in terms of its infrastructure, Schools, Departments, new courses and programmes, the number of affiliated colleges and recognized institutions. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), of MHRD, has ranked roulette live mobile as the 68th ranking institution at all India level in 2018.

The total faculty strength of roulette live mobile is 233. This includes 2 Senior Professors, 50 Professors, 18 Associate Professors and 163 Assistant Professors. The strength of the Supporting staff/ Officers/ non-tedifferentaldaia.comg staff is 441 and students (Part I & II) are 2159.

A snapshot of research activities and articles published in journals during the period June 2020-May 2021 is as follows. The research undertaken by the Faculty of Languages and Literature focuses on Cultural Studies, Medieval Literature; and Francophone and Lusophone Studies, highlighted in 14 publications during the period of the report. The Faculty of Social Sciences has varied research interests covering philosophical problems, Local and roulette live mobile Governance, roulette live mobile Relations and Area Studies, Women’s Studies and Library and Information Science, and 10 publications. The Faculty of Life Sciences & Environment investigates aspects pertaining to biodiversity of flora and fauna, applied environmental microbiology, biotechnological applications and bioremediation processes, reflected in 38 publications. The School of Physical and Applied Sciences conducts research in the fields of condensed matter physics, materials science, biophysics, computational physics and functional analysis and its applications, and has an output of 17 research publications. The School of Chemical Sciences studies diverse aspects relating to Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry, reflected in 109 research publications. The thrust areas of the Goa Business School include MSMEs, Tourism, Financial Services, Corporate Finance, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Mdifferentaldaia.come Learning, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, with 56 publications. The School of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences focusses on aspects related to marine science, applied geology, marine microbiology and environmental science, represented in 13 publications.

The Annual Report portrays the wide spectrum of various academic and co-curricular activities at the roulette live mobile and its affiliated Colleges/Institutions. The vibrant academic environment in the roulette live mobile roulette live mobile viz., the research projects, research publications, participation in international seminars and workshops, special achievements including awards and honours are highlighted. The notable contributions made by the faculty members and some of the achievements of the students are also included in the pages that follow. The Annual Report also provides highlights of the activities and achievements of the affiliated Colleges/Institutions to its readers.

We thank our honourable Vice-Chancellor Prof. Varun Sahni for his constant support and encouragement in bringing out this report. We are thankful to the Deans of the Schools, Heads of the Departments, Centres of the roulette live mobile and Principals of affiliated Colleges for providing the committee with the information included in this report. The Committee would like to express its gratitude to Dr. Carlos M. Fernandes, Asstt. Prof. (Teacher-In-Charge), Department of Library & Information Science and In-Charge roulette live mobile Librarian of roulette live mobile for collecting the information. The Committee thanks all those who have contributed directly or indirectly in preparing and publishing this Annual Report.

Reports of the previous years

Note : Some of the Reports are scanned from the printed copies and therefore the text/image may not be upto one's expectation